Enify security and privacy

Epsis, the creators behind Enify, take security very seriously and do what we can to keep your account and data safe and secure. To achieve this, we also need your help and cooperation.

  • Sign-In

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud

  • User data

  • Privacy

  • Our focus and reporting

Enify utilizes Azure Active Directory for authentication.

This means that users will utilise Microsoft accounts to sign in. Keep your profile up to date, regularly change your password and use Microsoft Authenticator App if it is available to you. To get recommendations and advice on how to secure your Microsoft account and get help signing in you will find help here: Get help with your Microsoft account

Epsis utilizes Microsoft Azure services to run Enify and store data, this way we can be assured that we have best in class security and data centre protection.

Enify also utilizes the recommended security features of Azure. Your data is kept in an encrypted database and is backed up daily to meet common compliance requirements. Traffic to and from the database is TLS encrypted. Auditing tools are utilised to verify everything is working as intended.

Our office and support staff have no means to see your data held within Enify.

They only have access to anonymised usage data to help improve the product set. If you wish to discuss data in the system (such as your elements and boards) you will first have to share the data with the support team and validate your identity. All your data under the constraints of our customer data handling policy to ensure it will always remain private and confidential. 

Privacy Policy for General Customer Data.

When you communicate with Epsis we will collect some personal data. For example, you share your name and e-mail for correspondence and support. This information is not stored within Enify but within other CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and support ticket management systems.  You always retain control over this data as it is protected by our general privacy policy and GDPR compliance. For more information on this please read our Privacy Policy. 

Safety is of highest priority in Epsis.

Responsible disclosure: if you discover a vulnerability within Enify, please don’t share it publicly. Instead, contact our security team on immediately. We review all security concerns brought to our attention and take a proactive approach to these and other emerging security issues.   


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