Subscription adapted to your team

We understand that different teams have different needs. Maybe you want to try before you buy. Contact us today and we will find a subscription adapted to your needs.

We think that your teams should own & control your data. This is why Enify is distributed via single tenants or Clients own Azure. 

5 users minimum. 

  • Azure single tenant

  • Client Own Azure 

  • Package deal

Azure single tenant

From $ 25 per user per month. Subscription for teams who want to use Enify, want to ensure they have their own database but don't want to manage their cloud solution.


Client Own Azure 

From $ 50 per user per month. Perfect for organisations who have their own cloud area in Azure and want full administrative control of the solution, upgrades and Cloud setup.


Package deal

Perfect for larger teams who want to use enify. Important in this package are structured setup and group setup.

Screen Layouts
Creating Elements&Boards
Creating Elements for local apps
Split screen editor
Sharing in team
Only available for team version
Template editor
Create unlimited connectors to your apps with Enify no-dev editor
Custom user groups 
For different teams and departments
Custom user roles
Permission to different functionality
Hosting on Microsoft Azure
Available with choice of region for data residency, automatic backup and Microsoft two factor authentication
Multilingual support
Includes self service Help Center and email/chat in working hours (8-16CET). NO/EN included. Other languages and packages on request.
Push notifications
Using Microsoft PowerApps
Client setup Client setup Client setup
One Time fee: Customer specific setup Different packages available limited to max 40 hours
Customer Success Program
Designated account and customer success teams
Connect your domain
Free viewers

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my plan later?

Of course! We want you to find the best solution for your team, so there is a lot of possibilities around our subscription. Contact sales for more details.

How do I start a subscription?

To start your subscription Contact sales. We'll send you a quote with terms and conditions. When you accept you'll receive an invoice and our customer success team will contact you for setup and onboarding.

What applications does Enify support?

Enify supports web - applications and local apps. The availability is dependent on your subscription level and setup. We recommend using Edge or Chrome for the best user experience.

Do you need developer expertise to use Enify?

No, Enify is designed to be an end-user application. We have tried to remove as much as possible of what may be difficult so that  you and your team can start using it.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

We'll find a solution for you - please contact sales.

What does Azure Single tenant mean?

An Azure Single tenant is a private/separate area in Micorsoft Azure. We will create this for your team with a private, encrypted database. Your data is then secured in your own database and is not connected to any other customer we have. You can choose the residency for where we create this tenant & the database (e.g. Norway, North Europa or US).

Single-tenant apps are only available in the tenant they were registered in, also known as their home tenant (Micsosoft Azure).