Smarter ways of working - for your team.

Jan-Erik Nordtvedt, CEO Epsis

Today's workplace is hybrid. We believe that this is the work of the future.

Together we must create solutions to help the workforce get the best work experience when working with anything from anywhere.

About Us

Epsis is a company that has been around for 20 years. We have helped large and small teams to find smart ways to work together. Within our classic market - oil and energy - projects have traditionally been set up in operations centers to help move activities and people from offshore to land. The goal has been to get the operations integrated and get rid of the "silos" that often exist in complex operations - with better decisions, faster as a result. We are incredibly proud of what our customers achieve through improvement and value creation through such projects - and of being able to help them along the way. It is with great enthusiasm and fantastic collaboration that we have developed technology and methods. With product and consultants, we have helped our customers both here at home and internationally.

We are now taking this passion into a wider market. We have taken with us the experience and concepts behind the technology and created a completely new product - Enify - that can be used by everyone, regardless of which industry you work in. Enify aims to help our customers in a new - hybrid - everyday life with to simplify the way we work in and out of the office. We have the ambition to be the preferred digital work surface for knowledge workers. This places high demands on us as a supplier and how Enify is to be developed - together with our customers.

We are now launching our first version of a hybrid SaaS solution. We are on a very exciting journey from a technology and organization perpective. Let us show you what we can do and learn from the challenges and opportunities you have. Follow us, get in touch - we are a great team to work with as we assist in making you reach your goals!


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