One place to find, use and share information

With Enify, the number of clicks needed to access relevant information is reduced giving the team more time to focus on tasks.

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Elements are the basic building blocks of Enify

They contain a link to the specific information you want to open from various applications. It can be a word file, a presentation or information about the location of an application. It's easy to save an item and you can use it by dragging and dropping it from My elements to a Layout.


My Work contains a combination of your selected screen layout and elements you want to use for the work.

To get started, drag and drop the items you want to open into your chosen layout. As simple as that. If you have several items you want to reuse another time, you can easily save them in My work together with the layout. Next time, just tap Play (see My Boards for more information).


Boards are a collection of multiple elements.

A Board contains all the necessary information you need to perform a task, conduct a meeting, monitor operations or other multi-application work. When you press Play on a Board, it will launch the items, open the applications and place them on your screen. You will see the result visually in My Work.

By sharing Boards, you ensure that everyone uses the same information and tools to perform the same tasks in a consistent manner. Simply improve and accelerate the execution of tasks with the use of Boards.

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Running consists of apps that run on your computer. These are not opened by Enify.

Running consists of programs that run on your computer. You can visualise these by dragging and dropping them into My Work. Repeated use of applications from "Running" is an indication of the usefulness of creating reusable boards and elements. If the running application is MS Edge or Chrome, just press "+". Any other application is converted into an item by manually entering the required links.


Sharing is a smart feature in Enify.

You can share Elements and Boards. Think of sharing a board in this way: Instead of sharing one link at a time with your team members - share a board of information. In this way, you ensure that you always look at the same information when you perform tasks. You also make the job easier for your colleagues, by sharing work.


Frequently asked questions

What applications does Enify support?

Enify supports the web-browsers Microsoft Edge and Chrome. This means that applications you can access through those web-browsers also can be used in Enify. Additionally Enify supports Word, Excel, pdf. and image viewer out of the box.

How can I use Enify with my other work applications?

Enify has an admin tool «Templates». This is an app where someone in your team can simply create their own templates for the applications you have in your company. The purpose of this is to remove difficult functionality for end users. In some plans, the development of these is included in the support package.

Do you need developer expertise to use Enify?

No, Enify is designed to be an end-user application. We have tried to remove as much as possible of what may be difficult so that  you and your team can start using it.

How can my team and I use Enify?

The system is designed to simplify your everyday work. You drag information on layouts and save this for reuse. Easily as that. It is often saved in Boards that represents a task. When you start a task you simply push play in Enify and you're ready to go. Read more here about Enify Features.

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