Enify in VOC

Enhancing Your Operational Center Experience

Enify acts as a bridge that connects you to a cloud-based platform. It brings data, software applications, and people together in a virtual workspace, making it easy for everyone to interact and collaborate effectively. No-coding needed.


Easily drag and drop information from various sources and applications onto your personalized screen layouts.

Organize and save your work across multiple screens and devices with simplicity.

Collaboratively share your workspace with your team members and stakeholders.

Simplify navigation and task-switching using Enify features.

Enhance collaboration with your team across different locations and fields.

All using Microsoft secure encryption and authentication.


Enify is more than just a tool; it's an intelligent way to work, empowering you to be more efficient and innovative in your operation center.

Ready to take the next step? Begin by downloading our guide to building successful Operation centers and discover how Enify might help.


Jan-Erik Nordtvedt

President & CEO

Email: jen@epsis.com


Astrid Torsteinson

CMO and Principal Consultant

Email: ast@epsis.com


Astrid Torsteinson

CMO and Principal Consultant


Styring av skjermer i et operasjonssenter

3 min lesning | I et operasjonssenter har man ofte mange ulike skjermer tilgjengelig som skal styres. Hvordan benytte Enify for å forenkle arbeidet?

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