Your success is important to us.

We know that purchasing systems is an important decision for you and your team. To ensure that you get the maximum potential from your investment, your onboarding is essential. Our team is here to help you achieve success with your purchase. When you buy Enify, onboarding will be part of our package. Together we build an onboarding plan designed to help you reach your most important goals. Fast and efficient.

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Important success factors in an onboarding plan for high ROI


Clarify setup

We agree on installation, team, groups, tags, and how to utilize the tools you already have within Enify.


Clarifying the use of time

How much time will you need to put in before using Enify efficiently for your team?


Identify your goals

One or two goals for what you want to achieve using Enify, and create small internal projects to ensure you achieve these


Assistance from specialists

Our Enify specialists help you strategically and technically to set up Enify quickly and efficiently for you, step by step.

Technical and strategic assistance

Our Enify specialists are experts in Enify as a tool, its capabilities and best practices and will provide you and your team with help on how to use Enify effectively to achieve your goals. They want you to be successful and will follow the team closely based on our common plan.


We create the plan and implementation based on your needs, and the following criterias:

  • Your priority goals for using Enify
  • The size and complexity of your goals
  • Number of users
  • Your existing technology package

  • Once you and your team have completed onboarding with us, you will be confident in using Enify to achieve your goals.

What you want to achieve is important


  Onboarding activity 1 Onboarding activity 2 Onboarding activity 3
Structure how my team works with reporting tasks Identify roles that are part of the task Create elements for content in the task Tag and share Board with group

Automate how I find information and systems every morning

Create items for relevant systems

Connect items and layout

Reuse Board every morning

Organize how our teamwork with time-critical activities

Identify activities and structure

Create Board with information and relevant tag Test and go live
Find applications and systems across all disciplines Identify applications used Create templates for how to use the information Create elements and share them with the group
Save what I have open to turn it on again without it being blank. Create layout 

Add link in the web browser

Add notification to save items

Get all information needed on my screens in an easy way Create environments for your screens Make screen layouts fit for purpose Simplify your workflows

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