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Frequently asked questions

What applications does Enify support?

Enify supports the web-browsers Microsoft Edge and Chrome. This means that applications you can access through those web-browsers also can be used in Enify. Additionally Enify supports Word, Excel, pdf. and image viewer out of the box.

How can I use Enify on my other work applications?

Enify has an admin tool «Templates». This is an app where someone in your team can simply create their own templates for the applications you have in your company. The purpose of this is to remove difficult functionality for end users. In some plans, the development of these is included in the support package.

Do you need developer expertise to use Enify?

No, Enify is designed to be an end-user application. We have tried to remove as much as possible of what may be difficult so that  you and your team can start using it.

How can I and my team use Enify?

The system is designed to simplify your everyday work. You drag information on layouts and save this for reuse. Easily as that. It is often saved in Boards that represents a task. When you start a task you simply push play in Enify and you're ready to go. Read more here about Enify Features.