Work smarter

Do you use many applications during your work day?

Do not complicate everyday work by looking for information in multiple systems.

Enify allows you and your team to simplify the work of finding, using and sharing information.

You are the expert, Enify is the the tool.


A solution designed to reduce stress in your work day

  • By creating links between roles, tasks and key information in an easy way.
  • Makes your work more visually accessible
  • One place to find information across systems
  • Reduces time wasted when changing between roles
  • Automate the flow of finding information and sharing with your team
  • No need for coding, just drag and drop
  • Smarter screen utilization

One workspace for finding the information you need across all systems and apps. Less time to look for information gives you more time to use solving tasks.


You can combine information from different applications by dragging it into your chosen layout and save it. Your task, layout and information can easily be reused and it simplifies the way you start a task.


Press play to get your tasks done quickly. Let Enify automate the flow of your workday by saving tasks with key information that easily can be shared with your team.


Available for 30 days

no purchase obligations.

We understand that you want to try how this works for you. That's why we offer you to test it free for 30 days. This version is without the sharing functionality. If you want to test this please contact us. 


  • Available screen layouts for up to 4 screens
  • Get a better overview of your running apps
  • Try saving links to information in applications
  • Store combination of information across your applications
  • *Only available for web applications


Contact us

to get a price quote for your team

With Enify for your team, you get access to a powerful tool that helps clean up and structure how you work with information in your workday.

  • Create your screen layouts for all your screens
  • Smarter overview of your running apps
  • Reuse and share elements with links to specific information
  • Store combination of information across systems and share with your team
  • Set-up can be made for both web and desktop applications
  • 08-16 CET online support
  • Access to dedicated customer success manager ($)
  • Customized onboarding program and team ($)

Looking for information is a waste of time

We use up to 16 different applications to solve one task. I solve many tasks during a day. With Enify swithcing between tasks becomes much easier, and finding all relevant information is one click away.

When we bring in new employees, we are happy to give them training materials, including information on which systems to use. 3 months later people still ask "where did I find that again?". With Enify I create a board for the onboarding with relevant information and share it. The new employee doesn't need to know where in what system anymore.

It's not that the information does not exist, it's just that you have to have a black belt in an application to find the information. Alternatively bring a super user to the meetings to find the information. With Enify I simply save a link directly to the information needed, and then I can reuse it the next day without thinking about how to navigate in the system to find everything.


Let Enify be your assistant


Log in at work or at your home office - everything is accessible from your unique digital workspace.

Enify gives you the ability to connect information, roles and tasks in a super smart way, switching between tasks becomes a breeze.

Your screen can be divided into different layouts so that you can work with several applications at the same time. Side by side - visual integration.


Want to test Enify for free today?

30 days free with limited functionality. No purchase obligations.