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Team Manager




This is Michael.

His workday largely consists of multitasking - switching between many different tasks and roles. 

CHALLENGE: How can he shorten the time it takes to switch the information flow when moving from one task to another.

Michael has set up Enify - Boards with links to:

  • Applications to seamlessly start his workday and quickly focus on task at hand
  • Collect all the necessary documents to write monthly reports
  • Find relevant information related to customers across systems, and quickly get pertinent information when they call
  • Gather information for routine/ operational tasks he rarely completes

This is Michelle and her team.

During a workday, this team shares a lot of information between them. They work together, they share across disciplines and internally within her team. Michelle and her team use multiple applications every day.

CHALLENGE: There is a large amount of information in the team and getting everyone to be informed about the right information when decisions are to be made can be time consuming.

Michelle's team uses Boards to:

  • Provide easy access to information on routine tasks
  • Provide an overview of status with the use of systems across disciplines
  • Focus on using live data vs. historical data.
  • Gather relevant project information to share with everyone on the team
  • In tasks that require analysis, preliminary information is collected in Boards that evolves as the information picture develops.
  • Share everything in one place instead of per platform. This makes the replacement and onboarding of new project members faster

This is Bob.

He is the general manager of a company where he wants to improve the way they work. The company has several digitalisation initiatives. He knows that the change management process is a lot easier if the end users are engaged.

CHALLENGE: There are a lot of companies who want to sell Bob a digital solution that will improve the way his company works. They have made major technology investments in recent years. When they roll out, they clearly see that each project solves a piece of the pie, but there is still something missing.

Bob has chosen to buy a subscription to Enify. Enify is used to link roles, processes and technology, such as a Work hub.
Bob's organisation uses Boards to:

  • Standardize the way a role performs tasks
  • Standardize the way one works in given systems
  • To onboard new employees
  • To improve interaction