A software designed to give you full flexibility in managing multiple screen set-ups

Full flexibility means no limitations regardless of number of screens.

With Enify you can customize your layout regardless of size and numbers, and simplify the way you place documents, systems or apps on them. See how and let us know if you want a quick demo.


Easy utilization of your available screens

Here is how easy an operation center employee can get information on the screens, quickly and easily. No more "I need a new screen" or neck trouble because of the enormous wall in front of you. See how simple it is to instantly set up and recall very complex usage scenarios. 

“We needed a way to help close the gap between our clients need and the capability provided by traditional hardware based audio-visual technology. So, we built software to help deliver user-focused information that anyone can use.”


This is some of what you get out of the box cloud

But there is more to it! With Enify as the information backbone your workforce becomes much more flexible and focused on the content of the discussion as opposed to technicalities of equipment. All delivered as a cloud solution on Microsoft Azure. 

Starting price

25 USD per seat per month