Gain situational awareness. Faster.

Sharing can be complex if you need to share content from more than one screen and across multiple systems.

With Enify you can share collections of information with lightning speed.


See how easy sharing multiple assets is done

Sharing one, two or eight screens should be easy. With enify you can trust that what you look at in the office is the same as when you move locations, regardless of screen size and the boundaries of traditional sharing technologies. 


Instant information at your fingertips

Enify includes your library of links to relevant content across all your web- and local applications. Combine and share. Easy for you and great help for your team.

All you need is a link

Capturing links with only a few clicks, regardless of system or platform.

Smart customisation

Structure combinations of content using drag and drop, placing it on your screens. To visually integrate and gain situational awareness of work

Speed is a good thing

Send everything you combined to a team mate, and they can use it to quickly gain the same situational awareness.


Share with superpowers

Enjoy the power of having links across your systems and platforms combined in one workspace. No more app switching. One place to look and share, means one source of truth.


This is some of what you get out of the box cloud

But there is more to it! With Enify as the information backbone your workforce becomes much more flexible and focused on the content of the discussion as opposed to technicalities of equipment. All delivered as a cloud solution on Microsoft Azure. 

Starting price25 USD per seat per month